Stamp-er's Round Up

Get rewarded for your shopping! The new 2015- 2016 Stamper's Round Up Card is applicable beginning September 1st, 2015. 

Punch Card Guidelines:

1.Punches are earned for each $50 purchase, before tax and shipping.

2. To get a punch,  your purchase has to be at least $50. You can't make 3 $20 purchases and get a punch. But, a $100 purchase will get you two punches.

3. Local and Internet orders count. If you are a club member, your Stamper's Round Up card can be picked up at club. If you are long distance, I will mail yours to you after your next purchase. If you don't have one, no problem! Just keep a record of your purchases. 

4. Local Customers: You are responsible for your card and for giving it to me to punch when you place the order. If you are long distance, I will keep track on paper here, and you can punch your card there!

5. Once you have made your 10th purchase, email me what you would like to purchase. You have $30 to apply to any order. If your order goes over the $30, I will send you a Pay Pal invoice for the difference. 

Purchases that count toward a punch:
Stamp Club
Online Order
Class To Go
Live Class

Things that do not count toward a punch:
Class and Project Planner Purchase
Hostess Benefits
Shipping and Tax on orders