Thursday, July 23, 2009

Calendar Class Prep

This week, my kids are all away during the day at various places. I kind of have that elated "I'm alone for 6 hours! What should I do???" kind of feeling! Should I take a nap with no interruptions, should I scrap, should I make a card should I work on school stuff...? So many possibilities! So, today I decided to work on prepping for my first scrap class. I am doing a Calendar Cover that I designed last year. Mom helped my write the tutorial last week and now I need to make the samples and organize the materials.

So this is what my dining room looked like. Could you imagine doing this with a crawling 8 month old, rambunctious 2 year old and a silly 6 year old around?? Yikes!

Here are my samples. They turned out pretty cute I think!

It is going to be my first SU workshop, but i bought all the paper before I decided to become a SU Demo, so its not all SU paper. But, we will be using SU stamps, inks, tools, etc.

So, now maybe I will go scrap.... or read... or take a bath.. hmmmmm... its hard having so many hobbies!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Scrappy Blog Hop! Hidden Journaling

Its that time again!
A Scrappy Blog Hop!
This week's challenge is hidden journaling.
Before I show you the LO I did for this challenge, I thought I would show some examples of hidden journaling from my past. This one is hidden behind the picture on the botton. See the pink little tab. It pulls out.
This is one of my all time favorite LOs. The hidden journaling is easier to see than the previous one. Its sitcking out close to the bottom left corner.
This one has a round tag hidden on the right side.
And this is my new LO I did just for thie challenge. Its not quite so hidden as the others, but still behind the paper.
Thanks for stoping by! Make sure you hop on over to Jen's blog to see what she has planned!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ode to Archivers

Why, Archivers, must you be so delicious? Why......?
Why must you only live in Memphis where I can only visit you once or twice a year? Why must you have things that I have never seen before... even just days before CHA when there has been nothing new in weeks... WHY?
WHY must I only have cash and no credit cards so that I can take you up on all your yummy little $1.99 deals?? WHY???
Would it really be so bad to use the money I have set aside for Ellie's school supplies on chipboard albums, rub ons, Thickers and ribbon??Why must you be so, so tempting and beautiful and luscious???
So, I went to Archivers.
In 24 hours.
I am so in love with A's that I felt the need to take some pictures and share with you the deliciousness in which I found in the deep discounted bins....
Look at those owl rub ons!
Gotta love buttons that are already threaded in cute thread! I hate doing that and am usually too lazy to actually thread my buttons!

Basic Grey stamps. So excited. I went to my LSS the day after they posted pictures of them on their blog and they were already sold out! Of course A's didn't sell out!

A Bling Bling Hooty!

Hoot-Hoot! I foresee lot of of owls on my LOs in the coming weeks!

You can't see it, but of course there was paper with owls too!

And what did I use my 30% off coupon on?

Yummy! Mom is going to make me a matching apron. I will use it to go back and forth to my Stamp in Up Demos! So cute!
Damn you Dave Ramsey Budget! Damn you!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter...

I'm in Memphis, Tennessee this week spending time with my parents. My mom is an artist who is good at everything! Painting and Drawing are her expertise, but all craft things come easy to her as well. I got her started on stamping/card making a couple of years ago. She loves to do it, but doesn't get to do it nearly as much as she'd like I think. When I come here, or she comes down to Texas, we always spend the late evenings creating! This summer, we had to bring everything to the dining room table because the baby sleeps in the room where her crafts are. Here we are late into the night, stamping, checking out Split Coast and other blogs, eating and laughing.

Look at the mess! We need to stop and strighten tomorrow if were going to be able to do anything else on the table. Mom is bad about cleaning her stamps! I have been fussing at her about this. It makes me nervous to have all those "dirty" stamps laying around! LOL!
Here is a card I made using Stampin' Up's Puns From the Past and K and Company paper. We laughed at this stamp set because there is one that says "So Sorry" with a picture of what looks like a pizza cutter. I Keats saying "I don't get this stamp!" She laughed at me and told me it was an old timey eraser, not a pizza cutter... LOL!

I love this stamp set called Branch Out. Its a 2 step stamp and so easy to use. There is lots of room for mistakes because really anywhere you stamp will work! I stamped the tree in Chocolate Chip and then the snow in Ballet Blue I think. The boots and bird are black.

Same stamp set, completely different look! I love fall leaves...can't wait for that...

Lastly, we made these Grocery List pads I saw on ChicnScratch. So cute and easy. I am going to use them at some SU demos in the future. (Oh yea, I'm doing Stampin' Up now! YAY!)

Thanks for stopping by! Be back after I get home next week!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm bringin' SCRAPPING back...

You know... like Justin Timberlake! LOL! So, Kamp Kinder is over and now Summer can finally begin for me! Yay! I am not full throttle into my scrap room. I have been scrapping every day, but can't post any of my new ones yet since they will be featured on DI soon. SO, here are some that I have done the past month but have not shared yet.

I bought a scrabble game at a garage sale for $1! Pretty cheap scrapping supply! I am now on the hunt for more scrabble games! And just think of the possibilities. Card games, monopoly games, all could be used as embelies. Hmmmm. Tomorrow is Saturday...looks like I will be hitting some garage sales!
Here are some recent swap things too.

Thanks for checking in!
Oh... and I have some big news....
I am going to be a....
STAMPIN UP DEMONSTRATOR! Yay! i am so excited! Who wants to have a party or join my monthly club?? C'mon! You know you want to??!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Space Kamp, last day...

Well, here are all my Space Cadets...I mean Astronauts! Are they not so super cute?
We started today by taking all those little papers we made yesterday and punching out circles (using my Stampin Up punches!) to represent each planet. Since I have million different size punches, we were able to punch them in roughly the right size scale... OK, kind of to "scale."
The loved punching and were really good at it!

We then sang our Planet song as we glued the planets in order.
Planet Song by Dr. Jean
I bought a MERCURY to visit friends on VENUS, but how on EARTH will I ever get to MARS? Jumpin' JUPITER, SATURN'S party's on Saturday. URANUS and NEPTUNE can ride in PLUTO'S car!
We added a few rings to the planets and we were done with our Planet Poster. Oh I forgot to mention they used oil pastels to draw the sun and I spritzed them with white paint (stars.)

Next we painted our rockets from Day 2. They loved doing this. However, I am sick because I forgot to send these home! :-( If your a mom of one of my Kampers, please come by my room in August and pick yours up! They are so cute!

Have I mentioned how much I love these Tempera cakes? They are awesome! Way less mess and much more bright than watercolors!

Next, we glued on the NASA logo and American Flag on our helmets.

And, I saved the best for last! We made rockets out of poster board. I hot glued a film canister in the bottom. We took them outside and put an Alka Seltzer and some water in the film canister, quickly put the top on, put the rocket on the ground and counted down. The rockets pop pretty high in there air. Its so awesome!
As we were coming in, they were saying I was the best teacher ever! YESSSS! All it takes is a little Alka Seltzer, and I am now "the best teacher ever!" I have arrived my friends.. ;-)

I didn't get any pictures of the rockets in the air. It was too difficult to do both. So here they are playing with their rockets!

Last snack of the week; Earth Cookies!
And, having a little parade in the yard showing off our awesome helmets!

Thanks everybody for all the fun and for checking out what we've been doing this week! If you have enjoyed seeing what the kiddos have been doing, please leave me a comment on the link below! Thanks!