Thursday, July 14, 2011

Convention- I have arrived!

I have arrived in Salt Lake City and begun the crazyness of Convention! Wow! Its so beautiful here! I was glued to my airplane window. There are Mountains... WITH SNOW! I wish I had time to sight see...

The view from our hotel. I feel like it's The Sound of Music out there! Ha!

After checking in, I headed for the displays! I found many of mine, which is a THRILL. The dear card and butterfly card under it are mine.

 There were lot's of crazy garden hats to take pictures of. The Kick Off Party was a Garden theme, so lot's of people made really cool hats.
 I participated in a  UStamp with Dawn and Friedns Swap.
 More displays. Can you see my ribbon card on there?
 I love these! Beautiful!!
 Stampin Up does amazing things with paper.

And lots of demos!
So, I am totally already exhausted! Today starts the real classes and general sessions !I am so excited! Be back tomorrow! :)

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