Monday, December 17, 2012

No Peeking!

Still trying to get a handle on my emotions this morning as I head back to my 1st Grade classroom. We received an awesome email from our principal last night that again opened the floodgates (did they ever close??)... And, it also brought to the forefront what my littles might be saying and asking this morning. I talked to my oldest daughter about it on Saturday and honestly, she seemed disinterested. Typical I guess. But, there will be some who will know more and some who are very curious, which is OK too. But just what do I say... I will be rearranging a few thing in my room. My "designated corner" is full of junk and needs to be cleared out. Now that I know what "could happen." Sigh...
OK, I know, were all having a hard time. But, I'm moving forward and posting something for you today. This was this month's Stamp Club Scrapbook Page!
This page idea came from Pinterest, but she used a snowman. I wish I could find the original link! Sorry!

A little Santa Punch Art is always fun!

Here are my directions in case you are interested.
Have a great Monday!
And, in case you've forgotten:
Brand new Christmas 2012 Project Planner!
All my classes can be seen HERE.
Stamper's Round Up Card details can be seen HERE.
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  1. Erica, bless you for leading the little ones each day at school. I hope that you may find joy in each day and let the fear and sadness slip away.