Saturday, April 27, 2013

Show me your space! Craft Room Tour!

Hi everybody!! Today is Day 2 over at our online retreat Stamptastic! We are having a BLAST! One of the games we are playing is "Show my your Space!" I've had some requests in the last couple of months to show mine again, so today is the day! I showed you my space last summer before I made some big changes. So, here it is today!

This is my main crafting spot. Everything I use on a regular basis is close by and easy to get to. Most of my storage comes from IKEA. 

To the right are my Alex Drawers from IKEA. I can not tell you how much i love these. They are so perfect for stamping and craft supplies. And the roll so nicely! On top is my ink storage shelf hubby made me a few years ago for Mother's Day. Love it too! You can also see all of my punches and wheels on my Bygel Rails. 

In the drawers are all my SU tools, embellishments  ribbon and other do dads. I also have photos stored in the bigger drawers. 

To the left is my cutting station!

This is where I am sitting right now! I have a white board with in arms length to make lists and to write ideas down. I also have my TV, ihome and diet coke. You know, the IMPORTANT things.. LOL!

This is my scraps shelf, again from IKEA (odn't know the name!) Each color (basic colors, like red, orange, etc) are stored in magazine holders. It's the best scrap storage I've tried. i love it! I bought a cheap under cabinet light for under the shelf because it was a little dark. 

My cutting station. The drawers underneath are awful, I detest them! they are from a craft store.. Can't wait to replace them with the other IKEA ones. The screech and don't line up right. Boo! But, they do the job... for now! Inside them are all kinds of junk! Business papers, envelopes, candy, retired stuff I'm hanging onto...

This is my stamp wall. Hubby built that shelf many years ago too and i LOVE it. It holds them perfectly and they are up and out of the way. And, I have tons of space for lots of sets! Below is just a little shelf from Home Depot that holds all my paper, magazines, catalogs and contraband (non SU) embellishments  On top of it is my Big Shot. Not in love with this arrangement, but it works for now. 

I also have a little trash bin hanging there for all the big Shot trash. Again, perfect!

Next to my sehelf I put magnetic sheets on the wall for all my framelits. 

It works really well. I don't have to dig them out and put them back away. And, I can see what I have when I am trying to think of ideas. The little while tin below that hold all my embossing folders. 

 To the left is another table from IKEA. It's kind of a catch all. I film videos here, I stack projects there, I dump junk there... LOL! It's just a catch all!
My vintage shopping cart holds all my 12X12 paper. My mom and hubby surprised me with that last Christmas. I was so excited! They bought it off Craigslist!

The next wall has another large table. Sometimes, I have friends over, and they use that table. Or, it's where I prep for Club. To the right is my sewing table. it's a vintage vanity. It was my mom's sewing table when I was a kid. :-) Lot's of memories there!

The wall holds holds lots of my projects from the past.

And this is my hubby's latest creation. It holds my video camera as well as serves as a light box to take pictures. He's so handy! ;-)

OK, so there you have it. And NO!! It NEVER looks that clean! LOL! That took me two hours to get it like that! Loved it while it lasted... all 10 minutes... 

Have a great Saturday!!!

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  1. I just LOVE your craft room!!! I've been a demo for about 2 years now and can only dream to have a room even close to yours! Thanks so much for sharing! You can make a woman dream. Victoria

  2. You have some wonderful craftroom ideas. I keep building on my workspace and am always looking for new organizing ideas. (I think just a good cleaning would do wonders for my craft room, too.) Thanks for sharing.