Friday, July 19, 2013

Convention Day 1

Good morning! I have a VERY quick post for you this morning. I am so tired... We went NON stop yesterday and it wasn't even a full day at convention. We did lots's of fun stuff first!
This is my swap for the 12-13 Artisans. I wanted it to be really fun for them since we have had such a fun year. 

I made the lense/words using MDS and the Cameo. 

We ate breakfast together in the mountains. It was so beautiful out there! 
Of course, Artisan swaps are top notch! 

 We did some shopping and then headed out to the home office. It was SO crowded that we were only able to see a few things unfortunately.
I always love seeing the boxes being filled in the distribution center. 

The Home Office is beautiful!

And then we headed to the Salt Palace with 6000 other demos. OMG! It was SO Crowded!

But, Stacey, Jane and I were lucky enought to snag some VIP seats in the front row!! Lucky girls!!

After opening ceremonies, we were all a little hungry and alot tired. We went to eat and ofcourse some shennanigans on the street, Gangnam Style, happened... We also had a hilarious crosswalk incident that I didn't get on camera. I was laughing too hard! I love these girls!! (This is Krista Jensen and Jane Lee.)

We got to see out Artisan Display. It gave me major butterflies. We will find out the winners tonight. EEEKKKK!!

DOn't worry, you will see them in close detail pictures soon... 

Ok, got get going! Thanks for all the wonderful sweet wishes you've been sending. They mean alot to me! :-)

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  1. Thinking about you so much as you have fun in Salt Lake City. You are so talented and so funny. Wish I were there with you.

  2. Oh my gosh, the little typewriter and little trailer scene were yours?!? They made my jaw drop! I loved, loved, loved those projects. I'm so impressed with you! You so deserve the title of Artisan Award - you're an amazing artist who always comes up with unique ideas and projects. Thanks for sharing everything on your blog - it makes for very pleasant reading! :) Consider me a fan!