Saturday, July 20, 2013

Convention Day 2

Another quick post!!
I'm SO proud of my ribbons and pins this year! All my "flair!"

I made lots of things this year for the Display boards... You'll see lots of them in the coming weeks.

New product: Envelope Punch Board! For more details, check out my Facebook Page!

Another new product: Undefined. Carvable Stamps! Jane was surprised to see her son and his signature in the carved stamp. So cute!

I was SO nervous all day! It was not fun waiting till late on Friday night to find out if I won artisan again!

There was a FUN recognition room for all award winners. Lot's of photo props. And FREE sodas and chocolate!! Hello!! Awesome!
Me and Jane

Me and Gail Beezley, my upline. 

Erin and I. Silly inside jokes... ;-)

Finally awards night had arrived. 

Erin earned an Achievers Bonus. Awesome

And then THIS happened!! Artisan 2013. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!! I'm so excited! I didn't cry until they called Jane's name and then I got emotional. Amazing that we both got it again!!

They handed us these beautiful boxes as we got off. 

Inside were our bracelets and Artisan Stamps.

Now I can smile for REAL!!!

I LOVE this lady! She and I are cut from the same cloth and are having so much fun! She will be the Artisan Team Leader this year. I can't wait! She will be an AWESOME leader!!

Make sure you hop over to FACEBOOK to get all the updates! And, you can watch closing ceremonies on You Tube!!

July Mystery Hostess
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  1. Love you friend! I am so proud of awesome!! Jajajajaja!!

  2. Congratulations for earning Artisan Award TWO years in a row! You are very talented!

  3. Congratulations!!! Was there ever any doubt:)