Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Stampin' Blends and Christmas in the Making

Good morning everyone! I've got a fun sneak peek for you today! Stampin' Up announced a brand new product last week called Stampin' Blends. They are Alcohol Based Markers that help you color those black line images with complete ease! As of right now, they are only available two ways: Stampin' Up Demos can order them and customers can order them in their Starter Kit. 

Mine arrived yesterday and I spent some time playing with them- they are amazing! 

Notice there are no maker lines. That's the first thing I love about them. All the ink blends together naturally. The second thing I love is how well they help you shade. Each color comes in a light and a dark marker that help you create those beautiful color variations. 

This stamp set is called Christmas in the Making. 
I love it so much! It's vintage and adorable! 

So here are some of the markers. They actually come in twelve main colors (with the two markers) and then an ivory and bronze as well as a color lifter. You can see the full brochure here

We haven't given an official release date for customers yet. But, if you want these NOW like I did, you actually can get a pretty good deal on them by purchasing the Starter Kit. It's $99 and you get to chose $125 of product. The entire collection of markers is $121. So, you can get them for just $99 (plus free shipping!) this way! 

If you have any questions about this option, email me! 

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